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» More updates?


Yeah. Since I got a sudden motivation, I could aim for at least one update in a week, and maybe for more, depending of the amount of asks I will receive. I don’t have many followers in here, but I’m grateful of all of you. <3


Sven Nordqvist is a Swedish illustrator whose best known books are Pettson och Findus (Pettson and Findus), the first which was published in 1985. The stories tell the adventures of an old farmer and his cat (What’s not to like?)

It’s clear why these charming illustrations became so popular. Over 6 million copies have been sold and the books have been translated into 44 different languages.

Nordqvist himself always wanted to be an illustrator but was not accepted by any art schools. Instead he studied architecture. He appears to have dove into an illustration career without any school training. Eventually, in 1983, he won an award for a children’s book and worked exclusively on chilren’s books after that. 



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jinx & henny being up to no good ehe


the best of tumblr confusion

so what youre saying is that you support cis people? after all theyve done to oppress you as a "queer" individual?



Yes. I do support cis people. Just in the same way that I would support anyone else. If you are born cis, you cannot help that fact. You aren’t born into hatred. Being cis isn’t wrong. At all.

Have I been oppressed by cishet individuals? Absolutely. I’ve had the shit beat out of me all through high school because of my sexuality. I’ve been beaten, abused, held down, denied employment, and raped for who I am. By cisgendered, heterosexual people. But that doesn’t change the fact that my father is cis. My mother is, too. My friends are. My classmates. My roommate. My girlfriend, for fuck’s sake, is cis.

Just because I have been wronged by some, does not give me the right to hate all. I hate some. Not, by any means, all.

I hate those that have wronged me as individuals. As specific people, who have done specific wrong to me. My rapist was cisgendered. But, so is my eight-year-old niece. 

In short, Anon, yes. I absolutely support cis persons. Why? Because being born with uncontrollable traits is not grounds for hatred, under any circumstances. 

Two of the three boys that beat the shit out of me in high school, consistently, were black. Does that give me the right to hate all black men? Absolutely not. Do you see where I’m going with this, Anon?

No matter the circumstances, hating an entire group of people based on immutable traits is wrong. When you do harbor these prejudices, you are no better than those you claim to be fighting.

Did i just read something rational on Tumblr. Doesn’t this violate some law of nature? 

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Mini Matchstick Gun - The Clothespin Pocket Pistol by The King of Random

This is one of the coolest and most dangerous things I’ve seen made with a wooden clip and matches.

» Writing An Effective Action Scene


I’m going to admit that I really struggle with action scenes. Or struggled, depending on what my publisher says about the myriad of actions scenes I have sprinkled throughout the sequel to When Stars Die.

My publisher really had to tear up the one action chapter I had in the climax of When Stars Die. Amelia spent too much time personally reflecting on things while fighting a ruthless Shadowman (dead witch), trying to kill her so she can’t stop him from getting revenge on the people who murdered him— people who kill witches in the first place. This will not contain any spoilers to When Stars Die. The chapter was originally nine pages. Now it is six.

  1. Try to minimize character introspection, or try not to use it at all. Your characters are fighting to survive, so they should only concentrate on the immediate action going on around them. They’re not exactly going to concentrate on the human condition of the reason that they’re fighting, which is what I originally did when Amelia was fighting Sash.
  2. Try to keep sentences short and paragraphs short. Action scenes are fast paced. Wordy sentences and lengthy paragraphs can slow the pacing.
  3. Keep dialogue interactions short. This is all about the action, the exposition, the immediacy of what is going on around the characters. Within the first two pages of the chapter involving the fight between Sash and Amelia, I had one part where the dialogue was too drawn out, so I trimmed down the dialogue, only concentrating on the most important points to lead up to the action. Lengthy dialogue can slow the pacing. Plus, realistically, you wouldn’t stop in the middle of a fight to start engaging in some conversation with your enemy.
  4. Quick reactions. If your protagonist’s options of surviving start to dwindle, force the protagonist to make a quick decision. Don’t spend even five sentences having your protagonist trying to plan out what to do. Realistically, your protagonist will not have that time.
  5. Physical movements. This goes back to concentrating on immediacy. Really concentrate on the physical actions taking place, like running, punching, kicking, whatever. Break it up with some dialogue, too. Anything to keep it interesting.
  6. Create unexpected consequences. This isn’t a spoiler, because everyone, when reading a genre book that includes action, expects some antagonists to die. But Amelia isn’t the one to kill Sash. In fact, she feels sorry for him and is very hesitant to do so.

Hopefully these points will help you write some effective action scenes. Here is a short paragraph from the chapter between Sash and Amelia from When Stars Die that conveys some of the elements above:

"I raise my hand and shove it in Sash’s face (there is fire on her palm). He screams and drops me on to the dirt. I scramble away, back toward Theosodore. The angry fire races beneath my skin, thirsting to be used again. I keep my attention on it, feeding my anger and channeling it into the heat (her skin is heated).”

I am going to do a blog post every other day on my Tumblr. My next blog post will concentrate on creating effective dialogue.

Re-blogs appreciated, especially if you know other writers who need this advice.


Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.


Paper-Cut Light Boxes by Hari & Deepti

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i wish tumblr had more of an “educate the ignorant” attitude as opposed to “send death threats to the ignorant”


Shout out to all the lucky gals that feel nothing when they’re on their periods while I feel like a fully grown dinosaur on a motorbike is trying to pop a wheelie right out of my vagoo.

‎’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no.
And “bitch” is attacking women for their right to call you on it.  (via madgay)